Toutes les Expositions

1964 : Solo exhibition at Hamilton Gallery, London.

Group show at Palais Strozzi, Firence.

1965 : Solo Exhibition at Galerie Mouffe, Paris.

1966 : Solo Exhibition at Galerie Horn, Luxembourg and Galerie Cimaise Bonaparte,


1967 : Solo exhibition at Musée de Verviers, Belgium. Gallery Bungeishunju, Tokyo.

Group show at Galliera Museum, Paris.

1968 : Solo exhibition at Galerie Templon, Paris. Galerie Cavalero, Cannes.

Best Prize from Wakefield Permanent Art Found.

Silkscreen Biennale of Bradford, England.

1969 : Solo exhibition at Galerie Horn, Luxembourg. Galerie Arnaud, Paris.

Gallery Egam, Madrid.

Gold Prize at Ostende Art. Prize at Paris Art Biennale.

1970 : Solo exhibition at Gallery Muramatsu, Tokyo. Bijutsu Shuppansha Tokyo.

Gallery Bloomingdale New York. APIAW Liege.

Group show at Modern Art Museum, Tokyo.

1971 : Solo exhibition at L’ A.R.C. Modern Art Museum, Paris. Galerie Arnaud Paris.

Gallery Francke, Gand.

Best Prize of painting by the city of Knokke, Belgium.

1972 : Solo exhibition at Auditorium Innovation Bruxelles. Print Art Center Tokyo.

Beni Gallery Kyoto. Maison de la Culture Rennes.

Group Show Modern Art Museum of Aix la Chapelle.

Cantini Museum, Marseille. Modern Art Museum of Kyoto

1973 : Solo exhibition at Galerie Arnaud Paris. Gallery Eda Oita. Odakyu Hall Tokyo.

Matsuzakaya Nagoya.

Prize by Woolmark Foundation. Gold Prize for european painting Prize at

Ostende, Belgium.

1974 : Solo exhibition at Galerie Cimaises Kamakura. Gallery Grafika Tokyo.

1975 : Solo exhibition at Gallery Shinzenbi Tokyo. Sala Conca Las Palmas.

Galerie Arnaud Paris. Galerie Cavalero Cannes.

1977: Solo exhibition at Galerie Cavalero, Cannes.

1980: Solo exhibition at Gallery Clark, Sapporo. Gallery Beni, Kyoto.

Gallery Eda, Oita.

Member of the founders of NAC, (Club of Japanese Artists of Paris) .

1982: Solo exhibition at Gallery Suzuki, New York.

1984: Solo exhibition at Galerie Yoshii, Tokyo. Gallery Eda, Oita.

Prize France Japon Comparaisons. Figaro Prize. Best Prize France Japon.

Best Prize Yasuda Kasai.

1985: Solo exhibition at Gallery Beni, Kyoto.

“Père et fils” exhibition at Gallery Nagai, Tokyo.

1986: Solo exhibition at Gallery Sairin, Yokohama. Esmod Tokyo.

“Ado-Viseux” exhibition at Mont de Marsan.

1987 : Solo exhibition at Espace Gang, Cannes.

1988 : Solo exhibition at Gallery Aries, Tokyo. UNESCO Paris.

Galerie Lafayette Paris.

2006: « Ado 70 » Solo exhibition at Galerie Les Modernistes Paris.

2008: « Ado/Viseux » exhibition at Galerie Les Modernistes, Paris.

2009: « Ado/Kito » exhibition at Les Cascades, Paris.

2011: « Key Sato and Familly » exhibition at Oita Museum.

2014: “Ado/Pierre Paulin” exhibition at AL, Tokyo.


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